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Heroes and Villains, DVD Welfare and other thoughts

These were the heroes.

Dead at last.

Ronald Reagan finally bit the big one. Although there are many out there who have issues with speaking ill of the dead, I am not one of them (they're dead, why should they care). I had nothing nice to say about that fascist fuck while he was alive (if you thought his time as President was bad, check out his record as governor of California... it doesn't have the same scope of atrocities, but it is no less frightening).

It's really annoying that he's had so much coverage, as this evil piece of shit is taking away from the coverage of the D-Day anniversary.

Furthermore, it was under this vile beast's administration that the groundwork was laid for the raping of the country that is occuring right now.

Why do I feel no remorse about saying this? Because I think of all the deaths Ronald Reagan was responsible for, and I feel that those people deserve the truth about Reagan to be spoken.

Grades, grades...

I got the first solid indication of an actual grade on Friday. The professor for my Freedom of Speech class sent me an e-mail:
You received a B+ on the final exam and a B+ for a final grade. In fact you
received a B+ on every grade, not bad. I enjoyed your input and wish you well.

David Gould

DVD Welfare

I just returned the DVDs I rented of Kill Bill, Volume 1, Runaway Jury and The Missing (I never got around to watching the latter picture, but it's a Ron Howard film, so I'm probably not missing much). I've had them since April.

Of course, because I have the "Freedom Pass," I don't have any late fees.

Still playing the system to win...

I'm still listening to John Williams' outstanding score to Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban. Each cue has some element of it to pull one deeper into the music, something which only the best film scores (the best music) do. I have to actually say that, while it makes sense in context of the film series, I am surprised at the complexity and detail of the textures and thematic development. It is a very subtle score (much more so than Williams' recent work with Spielberg and the Star Wars pictures), and so rewards more on continued listening.

Interestingly, Moviephone now lists the running time of Azkaban as being 141 minutes.

Fandangos Gone Wild

The last few purchases I've attempted to make on Fandango have not worked. Has anybody else had any problems with this service?
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