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"Teleportation is something like your property when Vila's around. Suddenly it's somewhere else."


Why does it take so many people so long to merge or change lanes? There really is no reason for it to take anything more than a few seconds, that's what the steering wheel is for. And why change into the lane if you're not going to match its speed? If someone is letting you in, that doesn't mean they want to wait five minutes for you to get your bearings, you should already be on point if you're behind the wheel.

I'm not saying I'm the master motor vehicle operator. I'm just a driver on the road like anybody else who finds that cooperation and intellect tend to work better than indecisiveness when behind the wheel.


For years, I had been mentioning Blake's 7 to suitboyskin as it was a series that I had fond memories of from when it was aired on P.B.S. in the 80s. It had stuck in my mind because it was a more adult take on science fiction than much of what I had seen at the time, and was certainly much more cynical. Thankfully, suitboyskin has found that most if not all of the entire program is posted on YouTube, starting with Series 1.

The problem with revisiting programs is that an adult perspective can often ruin something that you've enjoyed on a more innocent level as a child. In the case of Blake's 7 (the first series at least), the opposite is true. I am now old enough to understand a hell of a lot more about the show than I was when I first saw it, and it is a lot more sophisticated than I remembered it being. Sure, the fashions have dated and the special effects are often howlingly bad (it is late 70s/early 80s B.B.C. after all), but that only meant that they had to concentrate on characterization and story.

I remembered the program being quite dark (especially considering the Series 4 finale), and it is, but what I had forgotten was how well-paced it was and how much humor there was along the way. The character interactions are often witty, but not glib enough to be smug (unless, of course, Avon is saying something smug intentionally in order to get a rise out of Blake) and while there are some standard science fiction tropes, they are often used in manner that was new and interesting at the time.

I'm really enjoying revisiting this show.


Jehovah's Witnesses are funny.


I have completed the first two drafts of the 'Dirty Harry' compilation yesterday. I thought that this was going to be a more daunting project than it turned out to be; to be honest, while the scores for Dirty Harry and Magnum Force by Lalo Schifrin and The Enforcer by Jerry Fielding were ones that I immediately took to, I hadn't warmed up as much to Lalo Schifrin's Sudden Impact and The Dead Pool until I started really listening to them in preparation for this mix. Instead of finding them tedious, I found them to be quite entertaining and featuring some real gems. A breakdown of the current draft shows that there is actually roughly the same amount of music from each film. I'm not quite done with it yet (there are a few transitions that need work), but I was listening to it on the way to work and it's pretty badass.

While I am still keeping the poll that I had posted yesterday, I have to say that I was a little surprised at the results. I had actually only included "Make My Day" as an option because it was a no-brainer to include, I wasn't really expecting anybody to choose it. Unfortunately, I have to agree with the point about Harry's catchphrases made by ehowton and emphasized (perhaps unwittingly) by celtmanx with his Frank Drebin icon. Furthermore, I got a Facebook message from Saadia that mentioned the rather salient point that most of those catchphrases are most effective when followed by the word "punk," which would be somewhat misleading as there is no punk music included on the disc.

It's not yet set in stone, but the title Excessive Use of Force is the one that is the front-runner at present, not least because it would fit some of the rather Freudian artwork I was planning to use; I'm going for a very minimalist approach with the graphics on this album. And while the eventual entry on my mix list and the CD-Text information on the disc mention "The Case Files of Dirty Harry Callahan," I don't feel the need to include that on the album artwork because it will (of course) feature images of Clint Eastwood wielding his trademark 44. Magnum.



Yoinked from revolos55:
If there is one person or more on your friends list who makes your world a better place just because they exist and who you would not have met (in real life or not) without the internet, then post this same sentence in your journal.
Now, this would ordinarily seem a little sentimental for me, but notice how I haven't identified anybody. This way, I can watch all of my internet friends battle it out for my affections: you will find melee weapons over there in the corner.
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