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"What this cable needs is love!"

There is a real problem with a cable that goes to 50th Street between Park and Madison. It's in failure and construction keeps asking us to do an LST, which is impossible given the situation over there (the terminal only serves one customer). According to Charlie, "What this cable needs is love!" All we need now is to find a good dating site for this profile:

NAME: Fifty-Two Thirty-Four

  • Color codes

  • Dial tone

  • Flathead screwdrivers

  • Digital Subscriber Lines

  • T1 circuits

  • Needlenose pliers

  • Water and Steam

  • Shears

  • Line Station Transfers

  • Lead Insulation

  • Local 3 Technicians

Favorite Movies
  • A Cable Runs Through It

  • The 40 Year Old Cable

  • An American Cable In London

  • The Cable Guy

  • A Cable Among Us

  • The Cableator

  • The Lineman, the Witch and the Foreman

  • Transmitting information

  • Shorting out in the rain

  • Zapping field technicians
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