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Slime Dribbling From My Mandibles

A few days ago, I installed Adobe Audition on my computer. While the basic timeline format is the same as what I'd been using up until this point, Audition is much more versatile with many more options. I can also do all of the work on the component .wav files in that program rather than using separate music editing software. I can do everything I already could and much, much more. I'm very excited about this environment.

I attempted to start on a mix based around choral music with a ritualistic sound, but unfortunately found that not only did I not have enough selections, but the ones I did have didn't really fit with each other. It was an interesting idea, and I was game to try, but every once and a while you start putting something together and realize it just doesn't work. It is better to change the approach or just abandon the project outright in such a case. I think I'll try dropping the "ritual" idea, but maintaining the emphasis on vocals.

After that debacle, I started working on a revision of my Alien Quartet, which I had meant to revisit since Intrada brought out their outstanding issue of the complete score from Alien. This was quite an opportunity to experiment with the new program because of my familiarity with the music, and I had a grand old time yesterday piecing together the symphonic suites. The benefits of the new program began to be immediately apparent, as I got more done in a single session yesterday than I would have in three or four sessions with my former set-up.

I'm considering giving this assembly a new title, as "The Alien Quartet" sounds rather dry, but I don't know what to call it. I've been toying with "Internecivus Raptus," the species name of the Xenomorph, but not only is it very obscure, but it is also something of a mouthful. I've also been considering "The Beast Within," a track title from the Alien³ album, which is very fitting. The artwork is staying the same, however.

Interestingly enough, I have found that the HP CD-Rs I use have a greater capacity than the Memorex discs I used formerly, which would top off at about 81:31. The first draft of the Alien compilation clocks in at a whopping 83:02, and it all fit on the disc with no problems whatsoever. I may be trimming this edit down a bit purely for listening purposes, but it's nice to have a little extra breathing room.

I also started on the Jaws quartet project that I had been planning a few months ago. It is tentatively titled Requiem for a Bigger Boat; if you have a better idea for a name, let me know!
Tags: alien, audio, elliot goldenthal, james horner, jerry goldsmith, john frizzell, john williams, michael small, mix workshop
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