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"Remove your cassock and prostate yourself."

I have written before in praise of Kritzerland, the record label established by the writer/director/songwriter/co-star of The First Nudie Musical Bruce Kimmel. Through his label, I have rounded out my Bernard Herrmann collection with his albums of The Bride Wore Black/Twisted Nerve, A Christmas Carol/A Child Is Born, my Elmer Bernsteins with God's Little Acre and Laurette/Prince Jack, introduced me to Mario Nascimbene with Scent of Mystery and, of course, inspired a deep appreciation for the music for André Previn with the release of the absolutely sublime Two for the Seesaw, not to mention formerly out-of-print or previously unreleased music by Alex North, Laurence Rosenthal, John Morris, John Addison and others.

Bruce writes the liner notes himself and usually concentrates on his own personal connection to the music that he's releasing. These records are clearly a labor of love for him, which is certainly true of many album producers, but the small scale of the label (usually only 1000 to 1500 copies per disc are pressed) and his participation on the Message Board at Film Score Monthly gives each release a more intimate flavor than most other labels in this admittedly niche hobby. Furthermore, I was funds were low when they released of Neal Hefti's How To Murder Your Wife/Lord Love a Duck, but Bruce set aside a copy for me before they were all sold out so that I could order it the next week.

The FSM thread that announced that Hefti CD (which is great fun, by the way), several suggestions were thrown at Bruce, including Franz Waxman's album recording of his explosive score for the 1962 version of Taras Bulba. The album had been issued by RykoDisc in 1998, and quickly became one of my favorites, but the sound was very dry and tinny. Several posters chimed in with their interest in a remaster of the title, and Bruce himself expressed his affection for the score. On August 12, he pledged to look into the score and later updated on his progress. On midnight of September 16, he announced that the next Kritzerland release will be… a fully remastered edition of the Taras Bulba album with two bonus versions of "The Wishing Star."

I am warning everyone out there right now that as soon as I get this CD, I will be playing it so damn loud that they'll hear it on the West Coast from here. I just have to remember not to drive while listening to "The Ride To Dubno" lest I get a speeding ticket.


1 9 3 5 — 2 0 0 9

(You may question the taste of this excerpt from Kentucky Fried Movie,
but I think he'd have wanted to be remembered making people laugh)


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