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"Home Again"

Last week I mentioned that I was working on revising my Silver Screen Star Trek compilation from a few years back to take advantage of the vast sonic improvements of Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan the Retrograde Records provided over the wretched-sounding GNP Crescendo disc.

This coincided nicely with the added flexibility that I have with the new set-up and the additional capacity provided by the Hewlett-Packard inkjet printable CD-Rs I now use (which seem to top off somewhere around 83:25), the time seemed ripe to correct some glaring mistakes on the old disc as well as make a slightly more rounded presentation of the material from these four scores. I specifically wanted to include at least one version of James Horner's Klingon theme from The Search for Spock and the choir intoning taH pagh taHbe' (Klingon for "To be or not to be") in the "Rura Penthe" sequence from The Undiscovered Country. I also wanted to give Leonard Rosenman's score for The Voyage Home, which I always felt I had shortchanged somewhat, a bit better of a showing.

Ironically, while all of the other material was being moved around or added to, the selections from The Wrath of Khan remained pretty much what they'd always been and for the most part where they'd been. I had an edit where I included "Enterprise Attacks Reliant," but it was just too much at that point in the album. So while I took full advantage of the better sound on the new issue of the score, I didn't use any of the additional music; if anything there is slightly less this time around, but only because I shortened "Battle In the Mutara Nebula" to remove some of the more textural material.

The selections and sequencing weren't the only things getting a facelift with the new version. I have replaced the rather droll cover art with something much more graceful and stately. While I initially liked the idea of keeping a group photo of the movie-era original crew on the cover, I instead decided to concentrate on stately images of the Enterprise to adorn this edition. The CD artwork is quite striking, if I do say so myself.

I have just completed what I think is going to be the final edit of the album (thus far running 83:12 83:17), but I want to give it a few days before I finalize anything. I think I nailed it, though, much better than the last time. And yes, I am planning on revisiting my Jerry Goldsmith Star Trek compilation Battlestations; I've already remixed the main title to match the original film version.
Tags: cliff eidelman, james horner, jerry goldsmith, leonard rosenman, mix workshop, science fiction, star trek

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