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"She blinded me with science!"

  • Although we are in something of the home stretch for shooting The Early Mixes, when organizing the footage already taken I found that we needed more connecting footage to fill in some of the characters. Dan and I met last night to write two scenes for the film for the first time in a year. It was a very different experience than before in a very unexpected way, however.

    The screenplay was, of course, complete when we started casting the film. We needed to find actors who fit the roles we had on paper. However, this time around not only did we have every role we were writing for cast, but we also knew better how the actors approached the roles. We wrote the new dialogue with the actors' voices in mind and with their character's speech cadences, a great advantage especially seeing as the scenes were comedic in nature.

    I've never written dialogue for a specific actor before. I should plan to do that more often now.

  • Kudos to Kritzerland for their release of Bananas (Marvin Hamlisch) and Everything You Wanted To Know About Sex * But Were Afraid To Ask (Mundell Lowe), along with a bonus track from Sleeper… all scores to Woody Allen movies made back when he was actually funny (Take the Money and Run is another hysterical picture). Unfortunately, Bruce has informed us that all other usable elements for the Dixieland jazz score for Sleeper are lost, which is a damn shame as that would have made a great album in its own right!

  • The jig is up! The upcoming Film Score Monthly Miklós Rózsa box set looks to be a cornucopia of great music, including some original tracks from the ever-elusive Quo Vadis? The contents of the box set can be perused through the online liner notes. I have to say that I am also quite pleased to be getting an FSM-style remaster of the original Graunke Symphony Orchestra album recording of El Cid!

  • How is this a surprise to anybody anymore? The information has been out there for years, and is readily available in any biography of Carl Sagan.

  • I volunteered to work on Monday and got the day. Yeah, I'm gettin' ♫ paid ♪ !!!

  • Facebook is the first social networking site that I've actually ever enjoyed (and I admit that I have developed and unhealthy addiction to Facebook Scrabble). Apparently I'm not the only one who feels that way, check out comic book character Facebook status updates!!!

  • The following information is being disclosed because it came up in conversation yesterday: Kate Beckinsale had a topless scene in the film Uncovered (1994), but that all of her nudity in Haunted (1995) was a body double.

  • Yoinked from Andy:

    I can't editorialize on this or the customer service conversation one can listen to through that link for obvious reasons, but… damn.
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