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I think that there is something very wrong with my iPod.

When I attempt to sync, I get disc write errors. iTunes then freezes, and if I disconnect the iPod it doesn't recognize that it has any music on it, or if it does, only a few tracks from a couple of albums.
Windows - Delayed Write Failed

Windows was unable to save all the data for the file R:\iPod_Control\Music\?? The data has been lost. This error may be caused by a failure of your computer hardware or network connection. Please try to save the file to a different location.
The errors are not in consistent locations (hence the "??"), nor does it seem to occur when writing specific files, so it doesn't seem to be a particular corrupted file, but it always occurs near the end of the sync sequence and so may be bad sectors on the iPod hard drive.

In terms of troubleshooting, I poked around the internet to see what sort of solutions other people were having with this issue, and tried just about everything, starting with the obvious (changing ports, changing cables, reinstalling iTunes) and moved into the more esoteric (reassigning drive numbers). None of it worked. Each time I sync the iPod, it only gets so far before it just freezes.

I am wondering if the issues I am seeing with it right now is what may have caused the recent crash in the first place as the iPod itself was behaving somewhat twitchier of late; there were times after having added music to it that it would come up as "No Music." Hooking it back up to iTunes usually fixed that; I knew the crash was a more extreme situation because the devices menu customizations had disappeared. I have, admittedly, put this iPod through a lot more writing and rewriting than it was ever really designed for, and wonder if I haven't ridden it a bit too hard. On the other hand, I'll feel pretty damned stupid if I spend the money on a replacement iPod only to find the same issues.

It is out of warranty, however, so it may not be worth getting repaired.

This is the sort of thing I might have found much more frustrating in the past, but having built a solid database on a dedicated drive allows me to play around a bit with my settings with the knowledge that the music, at least, is safe.

EDIT: I narrowed the problem down; it was definitely a problem on the iPod itself. The hard disc may had gotten corrupted, causing incrementing errors during the sync process. My attempt to reformat the drive failed when the formatting process itself froze up. The warranty on iRobby was up, so I had no choice but to get a new iPod. The new 160 gb Classic is, however, much cheaper than it was when I bought it, so it wasn't quite the expense it might have been.

The newer model is identical to the old except that it is a bit slimmer (it's about the same size as the 80 gig version of the Classic was the year my old one came out). And sure enough, it synced true, so it now has the full content of the previous iPod — more, actually, as I had added Bananas (the track "Hey Ralph, How Much Is a Copy of 'Orgasm'?" is a new favorite) and a couple of Seattle grunge records (Soundgarden, Alice In Chains, Mad Season, etc).
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