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Much better.

Just as one doesn't always realize how uncomfortable one's shoes are until they are removed, I didn't realize how much of a drag my old car was until I got this new one. In addition to being a smoother ride, the convenience of the design has meant that I haven't had to jury-rig anything, which was something I constantly had to be doing with my two previous cars (no need to find a place to put a hook for my cellphone; there is a hollow on the console right next to the lighter, so it can sit there comfortably while it charges). The steering is also a lot tighter, with a tiny turning radius, meaning that driving in high-pressure situations, such as Queens Boulevard and Manhattan is much, much easier. A friend from out of town was around this weekend, and I was able to hang out with him and some of his kewl phriends, giving me ample opportunity to check out all aspects of the car (the back seats, while not paradise, are at least comfortable).

I installed a new car stereo; Best Buy had a deal in which if you bought a one of more than $100.00, they would throw in a new pair of speakers; the rear speakers of the new car were shot, so this was a great deal, actually. Getting them in was a real bitch, but it was worth it.

Driving this new car has literally changed everything for me; the increased maneuverability and fuel efficiency have already proven their worth. In combination with what has happened at my job, I have found myself much less worried about everything.

I have been placed in a different position at my job, at a downtown location. I no longer have to stand for eight hours on end (it is a sitting position!), and weekends are very nice, as almost nobody every shows up. It is an extra leg of a journey on the subway, but I can take the express train and it only takes an additional seven to ten minutes.

Things are lookin' up.
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