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Glass Onion

  • I received my both the stereo and mono Beatles box sets and have begun to make new rips as part of my new music library. I had to explain what the situation was with the mono box set to a co-worker today, who was shocked to learn that the Beatles had little if anything to do with the stereo mixes on most of their albums. I remember reading the instruction manual for a friend's four-track tape deck that was discussing panning. It made mention of how the Beatles got interesting effects by hard-panning elements of their mixes such as drums and vocals to the right or left, but the truth is that the three stereo mixes that the Beatles actually participated in, Magical Mystery Tour, the white album and Abbey Road, don't feature much of that sort of thing.

    It is nice to have the Beatles not only sounding this good, but being portable as well. I always lamented that while I could easily just put on a Beatles album on vinyl at home, but if I was traveling I have had to make do with rips of those old CDs (with the exception, of course, of the excellent-sounding Yellow Submarine "songtrack" version, which has not been replicated in the box set). As I mentioned before, the new remasters correct the issues with the old discs by re-equalizing them. The differences are admittedly subtle, but the differences are where they count, mostly on the vocals, which sound much more clear and full.

    Of course, with all of this going on I have been going through something of a rediscovery of the Beatles. This has been quite pleasurable for myself and most of my friends like the Beatles. My co-workers were first amused and then annoyed by my incessant humming/singing/whistling of songs from Magical Mystery Tour, I used some lines from "Your Mother Should Know" as a Facebook status and used "The Walrus Was Paul" as the handle on my BlackBerry Instant Messenger.

  • The Mad Men season finale was amazing. I am totally jazzed for the next season right now (and I'm glad they finally managed to come up with some purpose for the Connie character). I was expecting something a lot darker for the conclusion of this season, and so when I saw the kind of momentum that the show was building and where it was headed, I was quite surprised in a good way. It was also nice to see the relationship between Roger and Don going back somewhat to the way that it was.

  • Tyrone brought in Caveman today, and now I have that Lalo Schifrin theme stuck in my head! Now it can be stuck in yours: behold as man invents music!!!

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