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"Irony can be pretty ironic sometimes."

happy birthday

happy anniversary
Mom and Steve

  • No, I have not seen the new version of The Prisoner yet (it's on iTunes the day after, however, so I'll catch up to it tonight), so I would appreciate no spoilers on the topic, thank you.

  • As I live in the northern hemisphere of our planet, I'm not sure I'm all that comfortable with the idea of walking around in my T-shirt on a warm November day. It was beautiful out yesterday, though, the perfect opportunity to be outside and see the leaves changing on the trees. The opportunity only came about because I had screwed up Dan and my plans for that day, but we ended up being productive anyway, scouting some locations and even coming up with an opening shot for one of our projects.

  • On Friday, Tyrone and I were given a repair. I recognized the location when we got there and called up Frank (my manager), explaining to him that the Chinese food restaurant had extended their premises, placing a wall in front of the can with our facilities in it. There was a small screwed-in wooden slat to serve as our access, with that the result made it next to impossible to fit in. He told me to send the ticket back. I did.

    Then the fun began.

    You see, I sent the ticket back with a note in the log stating "This job must be reassigned to a skinnier tech. This is not a joke. Space is inaccessible to current technicians." This created quite a stir on the inside. The test bureau and dispatch center thought that I was just trying to toss the job away and contacted our second line manager. Frank called me afterward to ask why I would have placed him in the middle of this, and I insisted that he go down to the site to look at it himself. This was what he found:

    …and I was no longer the focal point of the situation because, as you can see, there was really no other way to have worded that particular log entry. The brouhaha that my language caused ended up being advantageous as all eyes were turned to this particular situation, and now it looks like this will actually be dealt with quite swiftly.

  • I've been tagging lyrics into the iPod database for everything in my Pop/Rock/Soul genre. While this is often straightforward with such bands as the Beatles or the Stones, or performers such as Hendrix or Dylan, but it can get weird when tagging something like the Mars Volta, where the lyrics are more about their musical sound than any actual meaning. Seriously, that way lies madness; I referred to them this weekend as "Dada Pink Floyd."
    You can't bend your crooked arms or fold your punctured proof
    The air is growing cold and there's nothing you can do
    Soon there'll be no gauze, inside the confessional
    Only rows of crows, defrocking every breath
    — from "Cassandra Gemini" on Frances the Mute
    Meanwhile Bob Marley's lyrics all make perfect sense (albeit in the Jamaican dialect).

  • EA has finally fixed the issues they were having with Facebook Scrabble!!! It is working normally without any of the log in problems I was experiencing for the past few weeks!!! Hooray!!!
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