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I want you to do something for me. I want you to get a cardboard box, and put all your stuff in it.

  • Reconstructive Surgery, Automotive Style

    In searching through my recent entries, I was surprised to find that I made no notice of the dent in the Executor which was caused by a guy backing around a corner whilst I was at a stop sign. The damage did not effect the operation of the car overmuch (she had no trouble passing inspection last month), but it was rather unsightly, with a big dents on the bumper and fender, which was detached on the right side. I was not inclined to report it to the insurance company because my rates are the lowest that they've ever been; the fact is that the damage was on the front of my car and the rear of his made assurance of him being at fault questionable.

    Thankfully, when D.J. Mad Mike was in town this weekend, he saw my car and told me that while he couldn't erase the damage, he could at least make it presentable, and on Saturday he and I borrowed my parents' driveway in Commack. He went to town on the Executor, popping out the plastic bumper, banging out the dent in the steel fender and resetting the bumper into fender. The result wasn't "like new" by any stretch of the imagination; there are still scratches there, of course, and the surface isn't as smooth as it once was, but it is nevertheless a massive improvement over what the car looked like. People will no longer look at her and ask "what the hell happened to your car!?!"

    The car seemed to be handling slightly better at higher speeds since. I don't know if this is because there is actually less drag now that the car's profile has been restored or if it is just psychosomatic. I suppose it doesn't make much of a difference one way or the other…

  • A Hairy Conundrum

    Why in heaven's name is a beard trimmer designed to work off of the charge instead of the power when you plug it in? I don't get it, and there are few things worse than realizing that your beard trimmer isn't going to work the Monday morning after a four-day weekend because you had left it unplugged.

  • Space iPoddity

    I have to say that there is now no question in my mind whatsoever that the iPod works better when one syncs it to one's iTunes library than otherwise. This was true of the previous iPod, and I have had absolutely no operational issues with this one (the one problem I do have is that the click wheel is a little insensitive, but that is most likely due to the protective case I have around the iPod). in the weeks since its purchase, the new iPod has exhibited none of the idiosyncrasies of the previous one, the most infuriating being the periodic random pause.

    It has also been rather advantageous that I have all of this music available for immediate access and burning as well. The burned files also retain all of the metadata, including the sort field customizations I made and the "gapless album" tag. The only issue I have is that rock albums are now somewhat more arduous to rip because I always tag them with lyrics and include personnel listings and recording dates when available. It is a bit more time-consuming, but the advantage to having that done makes it worthwhile. So far, the only rock material on my iPod not tagged with lyrics are a few songs off of the …and you will know us by the trail of dead album Century of Self, and that only because I couldn't find the lyrics and don't have the time to dissect the song at present.

  • "♫ …boldly going forward, 'cause we can't find reverse… ♪"

    I had some opportunity this weekend to go through all of the supplements on my Blu-ray of Star Trek. There was a lot of material there, covering all facets of the production. The thoroughness of the coverage makes the featurette on the score all the more disappointing. In addition to being unnecessarily brief, the editor actually had the audacity to play an action variation on Spock's theme while Michael Giacchino is discussing the Kirk/Enterprise theme! One would think that they might have made sure they were playing the right piece of music.

    The supplements are, of course, all scored with music from Giacchino's score, including several portions that were not on the Varèse Sarabande CD. The cue for the cadets shipping out (with the Courage fanfare at the end) and the Katric Ark were both heard, but Spock Prime's farewell to Kirk seemed to be a favorite of the editors as it is reprised several times throughout the program material.

    The gag reel that is included in the set is, indeed, the same program that paintedponyxox posted and I had reposted a few weeks ago before Paraborg took it down. It is, of course, quite a hoot, but what I find more shocking than anything is how much Zachary Quinto can not look like the character of Spock at times in this reel, often with only slight changes to his expression.

  • The Sports Section

    I still hate football.

  • Uncompromisingly Adorable

    Government Warning: This video contains lethal levels of cuteness. Watch at your own risk. swashbuckler332 can not be held responsible if you are dead from cute after viewing:

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