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Weekend Update

Tim just graduated from nursing school yesterday. Way to go, Tim!

He's being all modest and annoying about it, though.

I went with him and Patsy to the ceremony and then to Patsy's family in Rockland, ostensibly to keep an eye on Tim's father, Charlie. It turned out not to be so necessary, he was actually behaving (although I will admit that Tim and I spent the entire day waiting for the other shoe to drop). I ended up having a great time, as Charlie brought Tim's cousin Peter, whom I've always gotten along with like a house on fire.

Speaking of old friends from high school, I finally had that elusive phone conversation with Aerolyndt, which was something of a several hour marathon. In addition to being great finally having a real conversation with her, it was also a lot of fun... although both of us were rather on the tipsy side. Tipsy? Okay, a bit more than tipsy.

You're the classic freak. You've most of your
screws loose and don't mind showing it off.
There's just something about you that makes
people want to walk on the other side of the
street--even if it means crossing freeway

Smythe Reisner Abnormality Index (aka Freak Quiz!)
brought to you by Quizilla

I compiled a new mix entitled Flight, consisting of music that illustrates flying, gliding and the whatnot. It is very graceful; the details will follow shortly.
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