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I have just completed the second draft of my compilation of hunting music, upon which I made a very minor change from the first. I'll give the second version a couple of spins, but I was surprised at how well this came together. It actually reminds me a bit of how (pleasantly) surprised I was when I made Vistas at what the final outcome actually sounded like. There is a lot of sturm und drang here, but the fact is that the term "hunting" encompasses a myriad of situations, which allowed the album to have a greater diversity than I was expecting it to have. And it has one hell of a finale.

This will be considered the first mix of 2010, but I should mention that the idea had been kicking around for some time before I finally started working on it. I began structuring the album and preparing the selections for it and actually began the track placement earlier in the week.
Tags: mix workshop, science fiction
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