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Groundhog Day Chaser

I can't believe that I haven't posted in three weeks! There have been a few reasons for this (including some job-related things as well that have been occupying me that I can not discuss at present), so in brief:
  • Yes, I was sick a few weeks ago. I am fine now.

  • My work laptop is fried (and it doesn't look as though I will be getting a new one anytime soon).

  • The "Green Box" sent me into a Miklós Rózsa swing that I still haven't quite gotten over, which then sent me into something of a Billy Wilder kick. Things could get a lot worse.

  • There will be a few music related posts coming shortly.

  • An Empire magazine poll had Batman and Robin named the worst movie of all time. While I must say that Batman and Robin is, indeed, a particularly horrific example of cinema, several movies spring to mind as being much, much worse. I mean, at least Batman and Robin had an Elliot Goldenthal score going for it. Batman and Robin is simply the worst movie that many people saw.

  • Food glorious food.
Tags: billy wilder, elliot goldenthal, miklós rózsa, work
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