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"You keep using that word. I do not think it means what you think it means."


    Sunday was a huge shoot with three out of our four principles and as many extras as we could muster. Due to some of the most bizarre scheduling conflicts in motion picture history, two of our leads were meeting for the first time yesterday (their previous scenes being telephone conversations with the segments shot months apart). Furthermore, people came through and we ended up with a lot of extras, giving the scene a nice sense of scale.

    One of the scenes shot was in the aftermath of a bar fight, so this was also my first experience with effects make-up! You can see the job Carolyn did on Mike below. I arranged the schedule so that we shot the material with Mike without the black eye first, then shot everything that didn't require Mike to allow the make-up to be applied, then finished off with his last scene just as soon as he got back. It worked out quite well, and with everybody motivated and bringing their own enthusiasm we accomplished everything we set out to (we even managed to get something that was in the script but that we never expected to have been able to shoot), and it looks and sounds great.

    Directing actors Michael Darnell (Dave) and Andrew Burke (Jimmy) • Make-Up on Mike by Carolyn Ortiz

    This means that principle photography on The Early Mixes has (finally) concluded. There are a few more things that need to be done to complete the film, but the dramatic portions have all been shot. Certain parts of the film have already been edited, but now I have enough to put together a rough cut of the whole (this may take some time; as Sandy can attest to, my personal definition of "rough cut" isn't all that rough). Furthermore, recent conversations with heybishop have made me think about cutting together a trailer for the picture.

    As much fun as it was to shoot, it is rather nice to have all of that behind me, and soon I will be able to concentrate on the edit and sound mix, as well as start working with marinshellstone on the score. To that end, my original plans of supplementing my home theater with a Mac has been abandoned. I am now firmly set upon the laptop route, for the simple reason that it is portable and will give me much more flexibility. I want to be able to edit on the go.


    I was at the double-header at CitiField on Tuesday night; it is nice to see the Mets actually playing like a team. I caught the tail end of the first game and the entire second… and it was fargin' windy as all hell! I mean, like, "Auntie Em, Auntie Em!" windy! It seems the apparel stores made a killing on jackets and hoodies that night, and nobody had any coffee or hot chocolate left in the entire stadium. On the other hand, so many people had left by the seventh inning that my party ended up going all the way down and sitting in the second row right behind first base for the remainder of the game, which was great fun.

  • "IS IT SAFE?"

    I am thinking that FSM's CD of Michael Small's paranoia thriller scores of Marathon Man and The Parallax View may be among the bleakest CDs ever produced. Marathon Man was something I'd been hoping to get for some time, The Parallax View is taking a bit more time to get into (the only part of the film I have seen is the outstanding "Parallax Test," which both intrigued and terrified me about the rest of it). Great stuff for my Jenga playlist, too.


    I just dropped a whole lot of money over at Lord & Taylor for a new wardrobe (Dan works there, qualifying me for the "Friends and Family" discounts atop regular sale prices — I got a $185 pair of shoes for $98!). It is quite an interesting experience to look at myself in the mirror and see the weight loss with clothes that actually fit. It's also a good deal more comfortable! I'm going to have to supplement those purchases with additional ones in the coming weeks to replace my work clothes as well.
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