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The true story of the epidemic at Clavius Moon Colony has never really been told…


    I am experimenting with Chrome. I had it installed on my computer about two years ago, but I had some problems with it. I just downloaded the new version and am working on customizing it. It hasn't had enough time to build up the impressive array of plug-ins that Firefox has, but I'm finding that the browser itself seems to be very smooth. I happen to like the streamlined interface.


    The annoying thing about message boards is that everybody starts posting about the cool records they receive in the mail several days before you do. Yes, this is about Independence Day and The Poseidon Adventure. From what I've been hearing about the former, it may be time to crack open the master of my David Arnold compilation Myth, Faith, Belief, if for no other reason than the sonic improvements on the tracks that were previously unreleased. I don't expect to change much else about that particular mix as it is one that I've always been particularly proud of (perhaps a new version of "Engage the Enemy" to reflect the alternate material).


    Criterion has announced that they will be releasing Walkabout on Blu-ray on May 18 with a new transfer from a brand new 35 millimeter interpositive. I never bought this title when Criterion released it on DVD because it was just a port of their laserdisc transfer with no 16:9 enhancement and a compressed Dolby Digital audio track, I was better off just watching my laserdisc with the same picture and better sound. I'm very excited about this release as this is another example of a film ideally suited to the high-definition format that doesn't have any CGI or explosions in it (not that I mind CGI and explosions; I just think that high def has much more to offer). While Silva Screen's recording of this score is quite excellent, I am still eager to hear John Barry's exquisite score again in context of this enchanting (if heavy) movie. And look at that cover art!

    They've also released Yojimbo and Sanjuro as a box set recently; I eventually need to catch up to those as well…
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