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Procrastination: The Gripping Motion Picture

  • A few months ago, my old BlackBerry brick started malfunctioning. It was replaced by a Curve 8300, which is what I had been using up until this weekend, when it decided to crap out on me as well. It has now been replaced with a Curve 8350, which is basically the same as the 8300 but tricked out with a few features from later models. The really big difference is that the little track ball (which I never really had a problem with) has been replaced by an oh-so-nifty touch pad instead. I can say without reservation that my Tetris game has significantly improved as a result.

  • The lowfat Greek yogurt is awesome. I like mixing it with my own fruit, so that there is more of a "marbled" flavor instead of that overly sweet thing that most pre-mixed yogurts have going on.

  • For those who follow such things, Andúril, Flame of the West has unfortunately needed to be retired as there is a piece that went missing (it shall be brought back into usage should that piece be recovered, but that is unlikely). It has been replaced by the almost identical Krypton.
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