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Happy Brooklyn-Queens Day! (yes, it is a holiday, and yes, I had it off from school)


    Technicians are usually taught pole-climbing as soon as they are hired, but this was deemed unnecessary for me as my group were being sent directly to Manhattan. In order to make it easier to loan us out (and, I suspect, easier to eventually shuffle us around) myself and a few of my co-workers have been sent to pole-climbing school.

    The picture above is pretty much the last time I smiled up there; you can see I'm wearing a harness, which we only used the first time. While my recent weight loss has had many great advantages (there is no question that climbing is much, much, much easier), the fact that my body is currently in a state of constant change makes me — if you'll forgive the pun — uncomfortable throwing my weight around. This isn't about being in danger (the strap is solid), it's about the fact that I'm kind of a klutz to begin with and right now I have no idea right now where I begin and where I end, which makes actually working up there rather difficult. It is analogous to the awkwardness of the adolescent growth spurt, just kind of in reverse.

  • BLU-BOOM!!!

    You know how those video two-fers usually suck? Unless they're a franchise, most of the time there's one really cool movie paired with a really lame one. Well, in a real classy move, Warner Brothers decided to put two movies that make an awesome double feature, the Brian G. Hutton/Clint Eastwood WWII double bill of Kelly's Heroes with Where Eagles Dare!!! Even better, they're fantastic transfers each housed on a separate disc so there was no compromise in image quality despite the length of both films!

    Image Entertainment will be releasing Season One of The Twilight Zone on September 14th (it's available for pre-order at Amazon). Only six episodes of the second season were shot on videotape, so this has the potential to be as eye-popping as Star Trek TOS was on Blu-ray. Apparently Marc Scott Zicree, author of the indispensable book The Twilight Zone Companion, is involved with the extras, which sound pretty impressive.



    I haven't done a meme in a while, so you can all blame this relapse on revolos55:

    Here's how it works:

    Leave me a comment by saying "Beam Me Up, Scotty!"
    I'll respond by asking you five completely random questions.
    Update your LJ with the answers to the questions.
    Include this explanation and offer to ask other people questions.

    My questions from revolos55:

    1. What mythological figure do you find most interesting?

      I have to say that ever since one of my professors Royal S. Brown connected Vertigo to the myth of Orpheus, I've always found a particular resonance thereof because of the inherent themes of the power of art and voyeurism. I see these themes recurring time and time again throughout cinema; almost the entire film noir genre is based in them!

    2. You can resurrect any dead filmmaker to direct an adaptation/remake of a film made after their passing; which director and which film?

      You know what? I'd have loved to see Samuel Fuller or Stanley Kubrick make a film about the 300 Spartans, although obviously not Frank Miller's take on it.

    3. Give me the pitch for a movie where the Ghostbusters team up with the BPRD.

      Ah… no. Sorry. I love Ghostbusters to death, but the sequel was lame and I wasn't impressed by Hellboy when I saw it. I say let it be.

    4. Which Star Trek captain would you prefer to serve under: Kirk, Picard, Sisko, Janeway or Archer?

      This is an interesting question because there are several variables to take into account above and beyond the characters of each (who were, after all, designed to be representative of some of humanity's best aspects). One must consider how each captain deals with discipline and how large the crew is (which is a vital aspect of a person's relationship with their commanding officer). I would also have to bring up that because of my own personal interests, I would probably be in the engineering section, which means that if I'm in TOS I run the risk of one day being in an away team with a red shirt. Fuck that shit; as much as I'm inclined to say first season Jim Kirk, my interest in self-preservation rules him out.

      With the hairpiece out of the way, that for me really leaves the two bald guys, and it's really a dead heat because I would like to serve under them both but for very different reasons. Both are no-nonsense but extremely fair, and each carry their respective commands with authority through the strength of their stern personalities. But… and I know there are some who would find this blasphemy… I have to side with Ben Cisco on this one for two reasons. The first is that while Jean-Luc Picard is certainly a fine commander, Cisco has a certain specific panache to him that I just have to respect (yes, this is about him leaving the baseball behind on Terok Nor). The second is that I am really kind of dying to try his father's gumbo.

    5. You have 24 hours to live and you must spend them watching movies: which ones do you choose?

      Wow. This is hard because of my whole "no desert island disc" lists. This, of course, isn't the same thing, so for purposes of this meme I'm going to interpret your question as meaning "if you found this out right now" so that it is understood than any of these choices would be null and void as of tomorrow, when I would be in a different mood and make different choices.

      Right now, my inclination would be to go classic and pull out my laserdiscs of the Star Wars trilogy and play them real loud. I'd probably watch something lightweight afterward, like a comedy, maybe The Princess Bride or Some Like It Hot. Since I "know" I am "going to die," I would have to squeeze in Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan in there somewhere. I'd probably send myself off with something horribly dystopian but fun, like The Road Warrior or Escape from New York so I could face my impending demise with some attitude.
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