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The Great Escape

Where to begin?
  • I moved yesterday. While I still have a few things over at the old apartment (including this very computer I am composing this post upon, which will be moved once I have set up internet at the new spot), the bulk of my stuff has been moved, and I am now operating primarily out of the new apartment. Last night was my first spent there.

    I woke up this morning and felt like I escaped from something, like Andy Dufrense in The Shawshank Redemption. It is not only liberating to be out of an uncomfortable place, but to also be in a position to really design my living space. Most of the time my furnishings were pieces chosen primarily for function; while I am adamant that everything in the new place has a purpose, I am also making sure that it does whatever it is supposed to do in style. I will be posting pictures eventually.

  • I received my copy of the Star Trek on Tuesday and I haven't been able to stop listening to it since. There have been a lot of complaints because the choir overdubs on several cues aren't present, but I'll be honest, the only one I really miss is "Spock Goes Spelunking" as the absence of choir there changes the nature of the cue fundamentally. With the choir it is eerie and tense, without the choir it's just intense. Otherwise, whilst some may find this sacrilegious, I actually do prefer some of the "drier" takes without the choir to those in the film.

    As for the packaging, aside from the errors in the list of musicians (including a listing for a gentleman who passed away some years ago), I think it looks really nice. When you have a collection the size of mine (and the full reality of how big it is played a very interesting role in this move, let me tell you), you learn to make allowances for such things, and I do have a "weird shaped box" section that also includes Rhino's Ben Hur, the reissue of The Dark Knight and the like.

    Musically, there is no question that the complete score is a much better listening experience than the original album. Giacchino's scores seem to be very carefully constructed, and they don't do so well when it is necessary to reduce them to an album length. The original CD concentrated way too much on the main theme, and while I always felt it had a crackerjack finale, the earlier part of the disc seemed more fragmented. The complete score flows so much smoother, fleshing out character themes and coming up with nifty little one-off moments that just fill in the score.

    Regarding the track titles, I was annoyed by them the first time I bought the record. I grew to like them, and I think some of the ones on the new set are hysterical ("Jehosafats" for the jump sequence, "Dad's Route To School" for Kirk's long trek across the surface of Delta-Vega, "I Gotta Beam Me" for Spock Prime's farewell to Kirk). I love a good(?) pun.

    "Trekking Down the Narada" is one cue I can't stop playing. And when I'm not playing it, I'm humming it.

  • The A-Team kicked ass. That is all.
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