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Settling In

After work yesterday my co-worker Ed and I mounted my television on the wall. It just looks so damned cool up there. Iis also facing away from all windows, so the only glare issue I might have is that reflected off of the DVDs from the window in the kitchen; a curtain will easily remedy that situation and it is very easy to tilt the television up or down to allow me access to the back panels.

The home theater is now completely set up except for the speakers. For right now, I have a standard 2.1 setup, but the other five channels will be added as soon as I come up with a cost-effective method of mounting shelves for them (no, I don't want to mount the speakers themselves).

The couch and matching chair arrives on Tuesday, which is the same day that the cable guy is coming to install internet, which will be the last major tie to the old apartment. The coffee table has been delivered to my mother's house, I'm going to pick that up tomorrow when I attend my brother's graduation from high school. I'm hoping to have the speakers mounted not too long afterward, and then I can start hosting screenings once again.

I have a table for my dining room set aside for me at work. I need to figure out whether or not it will fit into my car so that I can bring it home, but it's a really nice one with a center pillar (no chair legs to get in the way) and a hidden leaf.
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