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July the Third


    I locked myself out of my own apartment yesterday. Not the new one, but the old: I dropped off my keys and bid farewell once and for all to a place that had been my home and safe haven for nine years. It is done; the future has taken root in the present. "Home" for me has a new definition.


    Today marks the eighth anniversary of my last cigarette, which was outside the Boston Market on Northern Boulevard at 3:45 in the afternoon.


    • I have hooked up my desktop computer to the home theater. I've not yet had the opportunity to connect the optical cable which will give me multichannel sound (I need a new sound card for that), but I have added a wireless mouse and keyboard for extreme convenience, and let me tell you it is much nicer to stream material this way.

    • The television monitor is mounted rather high on the wall and tilted down. Not only does this add about a foot and a half of viewing distance (compensating for the size of the room), it makes for a much more comfortable viewing position, more akin to seeing a movie than watching television, where usually one is looking straight or down, which can cause neck cricks and the discomfort of a sweaty throat.

    • The shelf unit for the laserdiscs and vinyl has been built and filled. Now I have to alphabetize it all.

    • The chief engineer of the building I keep my tools at informed me that one of the floors was being demolished, and they had many pieces of furniture that were just being trashed. Ever ambitious, I laid claim to a meeting table that I have placed in my dining room/study. It is supported by a central pillar (no table legs to interfere with sitting) and opens up to reveal a hidden leaf. The only catch: the surface of the table itself is presently a bit scratched, so I have to put a tablecloth on it for now.


    My iPod has started periodically resetting itself, which can be very annoying. It may be time to restore and re-sync.
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