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Chillin' with a salad and a glass of wine…

…does that make me pretentious…?

    Out With Dad, heybishop's web series, debuted this week with its premiere episode! Check it out and show your support!


    It is damn hot out there. Temperatures are reaching record highs in New York, and the stifling heat is a major topic of conversation for small talk (a surprisingly prominent aspect of my job) and Facebook.

    Meanwhile, I'm personally having the mildest summer in memory. I weigh significantly less, and so the heat doesn't get to me quite as much. This was not something I was expecting when I started this process, but I given the fact that my job involves a lot of walking around, it is one I am happy to embrace!


    Internet vendor The LaserDisc Vault is actually doing a rather neat job of building a community of laserdisc enthusiasts on Facebook. One of their recent promotions was to show a segment of the cover art of a laserdisc, and if you can guess the movie, they send it free. I won a copy of Robert Altman's The Long Goodbye on laser!!!

    I don't usually win contests, so I'm pretty happy about this, especially as it is a movie I love. It is coming along with a copy of the Criterion Goldfinger (with the original suppressed commentary and isolated music-and-effects track) and the Criterion She's Gotta Have It (a disc which I've repeatedly mentioned on this blog as having some very practical filmmaking advice on the commentary, but have to admit that until earlier this week did not myself own; the copy I saw back in the late 90s belonged to my Tower colleague Doug Wilson).


    I did a lot of browsing for stuff for my apartment this week but didn't buy much. Part of this is because I've gotten exceedingly picky about what I put in this apartment, but it is also because I currently am at a place where I have what I really need, everything else is mostly luxuries (not counting the closet organization, which I've made some nice advances in).

    Things I want to get:

    • Microwave Oven: The old one still works but it is bulky and the display is shot. I'd like to get one of a more modest size which I can read.

    • Keurig K-Cup coffee maker: I've wanted one of these for a while, actually. What I like about them is how versatile they are. Chances are it will be used more for tea than coffee, but I am certain there will be days when the java will be most welcome.

    • Wine Cellar: They make these little temperature controlled chambers that fit four bottles. I've already had a bottle of red turn on me, so I'd really like to get one of these soon installed one a few days ago.

    • Mantle Clock: This would be for the shelf unit in the dining room/study. While technically I can fit anything smaller than 12¾" onto one of the shelf segments, I want something nice. I've searched far and wide and haven't really found much that I like (there are plenty of digital clocks that are the right size, but I much prefer analog).
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