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Assortment of Stitches

    Bingo Was His Game-O

  • Whilst I have owned the Diamond Anniversary Edition of Scrabble since I moved into my new apartment, every time Ed has been over to play Super Scrabble, we've had to use his set with which I won the first three games at my apartment. The board betrayed me on the most recent game, so this was clearly a situation that I had to change. Unfortunately, it has become damn near impossible to track down a copy of the Deluxe Edition ("Rotating game board with raised grid" as opposed to the flat fold-out board), and so for the past week I was on a merry chase to all toy stores and book stores in Midtown Manhattan and east Queens. Poetically, when a set was finally located, t'was at the Lincoln Square Barnes and Noble, where I could have bought it a week ago when we were there to see Inception.

    Fittingly, I won the first game with my own set by a significant margin, getting two back-to-back bingos in the process.

  • Labor Saving

  • My dishwasher works! My mother tried running it a few weeks ago and reported to me that it wasn't working. I later determined that the problem was that the water valve had been turned off (as it had been for the toilet). Once corrected, the machine worked beautifully. In fact, I massed a few dishes yesterday with my grilled halibut and salad, so I'm going to load it and run it while I go to Home Depot later.

  • CDs are for people whose stereos can't handle the full twelve inches

  • Do NOT ask somebody who is going vinyl hunting to keep an eye out for "old school CDs."

  • Self-Righteous Moral Indignation

  • If I am in an establishment, and I find the policies of that establishment to be unethical (let's say racist), then I pay for what I've had, leave and take my custom elsewhere. I understand that some things don't bother other people as much as they may myself, but I will make no apologies for doing what I believe to be right in such a case.
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