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"Home is home, though it be never so homely." - Proverb reported in John Clarke, Paræmiologia (1639)

happy birthdays

For reasons beyond my understanding, my previous entry (in which I wrapped up reflections on my San Francisco trip and mentioned replacing the original images in the previous two entries with Dan's photos from the trip) never posted to Facebook. If you're on Facebook and following my LiveJournal blog, I suggest that you seek professional psychiatric counseling refer to that entry for continuity or… something.

I've been home since Wednesday night, but I didn't have work and there was a holiday, so my vacation didn't officially end until last night (I went shopping yesterday, but lately I've been finding grocery shopping fairly fun, and it meant I had food in the house today). This morning it was my first day back in real life. And it wasn't exactly a fun one, either, although there was one humorous image of a customer catching me staring at disbelief at a chewed-up, Scotchlocked and electrical taped cable dangling from the ceiling grumbling "Are you serious!?!"

It also, on reflection, wasn't really that bad either, even if New York did welcome me home with a cold. Perhaps as a reaction to the hustle and bustle, my musical selections for today were uniformly relaxed; André Previn's Two for the Seesaw, Thomas Newman's Threesome, John Williams' Stanley and Iris and I think I reached the Kübler-Ross "acceptance" stage with respect to separation from my vacation when I played my New York-themed Elmer Bernstein compilation Spring In Central Park. I'm home, and life goes on.

This Wednesday is a screening of Tony Scott's The Hunger at the Brooklyn Academy of Music. The first time I'd ever seen this film was on a beautiful 'scope 16 millimeter print. I've seen it many times since on laserdisc and DVD, but no matter how big my television, it never managed to compete with the gargantuan dimensions of that first time (it was a pretty big screen). I'm not missing a chance to see it in a 35 millimeter print; especially considering how palpable the difference was between anamorphic 16 millimeter and video.


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