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Exploding Snap: The Game Show

happy birthday

  • Every year I end up with several things to do on Hallowe'en and no costume. This year I took initiative and made sure that I would have a costume ready for Sunday, but have nothing to do. It looks like I may be defaulting to going to the parade, which I'd tended to avoid in the past because I went one year and didn't have a great time. I was, however, wearing a rather uncomfortable costume that nobody recognized anyway (I meant to be Darkman but everybody just thought I was the Invisible Man; I suppose I should have felt flattered that they thought I was literature rather than pulp) so I may have been biased against it. The weather forecasts that it will be a little chilly but rather nice, and there are a few other friends that are going as well, so I'm actually looking forward to it.

  • I've not yet gotten my desktop computer back up and running, which has started becoming a bit of an issue with respect to the fact that until I do so, I won't be able to load any more music on my iPod. I've received a smattering of discs since it crashed, and there have been serious limitations to how much of it I could listen to. I'd not realized before how much I've started depending on my iPod to help me navigate my river of music. It does help to have a pretty decently tricked-out system though. I've had my five-disc DVD/SACD changer loaded up with Ron Jones for a methodical listening that has been consistently engaging; disc seven, featuring "Up the Long Ladder," "The Emissary" and "Shades of Gray" was a particularly outstanding example of his range and dramatic sensiblilities.

    There are several things I've gotten I've not yet had a chance to hear, and at least one thing I'm dying to receive that is currently in shipping limbo: Doug Adams' The Music of The Lord of the Rings Films, which will also contain the long-awaited rarities CD. And y'all know what that means (yes, I've been thinking about it, but I can't do a damn thing until I do something about the computer).

    So why haven't I fixed the computer yet? The short answer is that other things kept coming up. My car's brakes started grinding, so I had to get that taken care of, and it was quite expensive. The computer will be attended to, but it isn't a priority right now.

  • My stepdad had major abdominal discomfort over the weekend and went to see our doctor on Monday, who promptly told him to go to the emergency room. What was at first thought to be a ruptured or burst appendix turned out to be an intestinal infection that is treatable. My stepdad is therefore confined to the hospital for now, unable to eat while antibiotics and nourishment are fed to him intravenously. This has actually been dominating my time of late, but the intensity died down after the initial scare, especially given his condition. Without digesting food to inflame the infection, he is feeling fine for the most part, and is pretty up and about, dragging his IV with him when he feels like moving. They're looking to release him on Friday.
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