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Money and Stuff


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Financial Woes

It has become increasingly apparent that the money from Verizon will not, in fact, be enough to last me through the next coming six months. With all of my rent and cell phone bills paid, however, I'd only need food and spending money, so I don't really have to set my sights too high. Furthermore, I had already been thinking about getting a job just to have structure.

Unfortunately, a job would also mean further distraction from schoolwork next semester... unless I just do something over the summer that I could save with.

Well, I plan to do some pavement pounding soon. Bookstores and the like. I don't really need a real job, just one that will some sort of a paycheck.


Well, I'll be off to see Suit in Maine in a few days (no later than Wednesday) in order to help his parental units move. A seven to eight hour drive.

Furthermore, by the end of the month I'll be off to see Aerolyndt in California. That will be a six hour flight.

So, I travel to New England and it takes a work day. I travel across the country and it takes the length of two Lord of the Rings movies. Or the first two Godfathers. Or the complete Back to the Future trilogy.

Movie Quote Of The Week

Airplane II

"Irony can be pretty ironic sometimes."

By accident, I came across an old Film Score Monthly piece I did on some minidiscs I made of the music from the films of Errol Flynn... classic Erich Wolfgang Korngold scores for The Sea Hawk and The Adventures of Robin Hood, Max Steiner's The Adventures of Don Juan, and much, much more. These were great fun. I really need to re-do them as CDs.
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