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The Depths of Khazad-dûm

happy birthday

and a belated one to
though I did hit you up on Facebook on the day of

Work on the Lord of the Rings mix continues, though obviously at a slower pace with work and a tiny bit more of a social life. I knew when I started putting together some of my pre-mixes a few years ago that I would have to compromise some of my more ambitious plans due to the realitiies of what I was working with. I am now finding my ambitions growing as I play more and more with this music and find ways to combine tracks that couldn't have been possible previously. This level of precision means that I have sometimes spent hours on a single track to perfect it, only to return to it a few days later and rework it over again because I thought of a new combination.

If this seems obsessive, I would agree. On the other hand, I am curious at this point to see where all of this is leading me. I've already mentioned that I'm sifting through fourteen discs of material; I am also including some of the music that is unique to the fan club credits. This is very intense work because I sometimes have two or even three different versions of the same cue; even in cases where the album and the CR have the same music and the same recording, the mix is different, so I'm checking everything, often. I'm also finding that many of Shore's album edits were quite shrewd, and so I'm using his stylistic model to inform my own edits. I'm also re-creating and/or preserving several of them.

One of the problems that I'm having with this compilation is that with such a plethora of music, a lot of the best track titles are taken! The original albums tended to feature J.R.R. Tolkien's chapter titles, while the CRs tended to call a track by it's opening cue (which could be a bit tedious). While there are still some really cool names left ("Mithrandir," "Elessar," etc.), there are aslo some cases where one of my track title is only marginally different from one of Shore's. Frankly, "Khazad-dûm" is too cool a name not to utilize, even if it has already been with minimal variation ("The Bridge of Khazad-dûm" on the original album and just plain "Khazad-dûm" on the CR).

Surprisingly, the more that I fill in, the more likely it seems that this may actually fit on two discs. We shall see.

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