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In the year 2011…

happy birthday

  • The snowstorm that blasted through the east coast last week hit my neck of the woods stranded me at my parents' house for several days. I ended up missing not one but two days of work; Queens had not been plowed sufficiently for surface transit to be reliable (in addition to the much-publicized tardiness of the plows there was the additional, incrementing problem of people whose cars had gotten stuck, and who left their cars in the middle of the street, thus preventing those roads from being plowed. I understand if it's a bus or a really big van or something, but you know what? I got stuck in the snow too. I walked to the local 7-11 and bought a small container of kitty litter¹ and got myself out so I could find a place to park that wasn't in everyone's way.

    The Long Island Railroad was no better; trains were running on the Port Washington line one per hour, which meant that a train would show up, open its doors, three or four assholes would try to get in despite the pre-existing crush, and the train would leave with the same people on the platform that were there before. Many of the subway lines were also disturbed, even ones that didn't have an elevated stretch.

    The most annoying thing about it is… yes, there was a lot of snow. But this snowstorm is in no way the worst one that I've lived through in my lifetime. I figure a day after the blizzard is pretty much written off, but the second day afterward should be business as usual for a city of this size.

  • It was quite a weekend. Dan threw a party at his apartment on New Years Eve with all sorts of food and libations; the torch was taken up by Russ and Jess the next day at their annual "Hair of the Dog" brunch, and that night I went to see Phish at Madison Square Garden. I used Sunday to recover from the excesses of the previous few days.

  • I received my phonograph pre-amp on Thursday, and so I am officially bringing vinyl back for 2011. The inaugural spin: why, Saturday Night Fever, of course. Laugh all you want, it's one of the best examples of how some albums just sound better analog, no matter how good the remaster is. This was, of course, followed by Hank Mancini's delightful Who Is Killing the Great Chefs of Europe?

  • After having taken a few days off from the project, I finally completed the first full draft (that is to say, polished versions of both discs) of my Lord of the Rings compilation yesterday. I am in the final sprint to the finish line on this one, at long last.

    In some ways, I'm almost sad.

  • From marinshellstone comes the 2011 Intro:

      Joshua, or more commonly just Josh.

    2. AGE

      Bayside, New York.

      Special Services Field Technician.

    5. PARTNER?
      While it is nice to have had much more activity on this front than ever before, nothing has really gelled as yet. Alas.

    6. KIDS?
      No, I'm on the verge of becoming a minority amongst my friends now.

      My brother just moved out of my parents house and over to Forest Hills and is attending Hunter.

    8. PETS
      None yet, but I am planning on getting a cat at some point this year. See below.


      1. Finishing The Early Mixes. There were some enforced breaks during the production of the film because everybody at some point or another had some sort of insane life crisis/major change/baby/something else that they had to address, but all of the footage has been shot and it just needs to be assembled.

      2. I need to get a new desktop computer as the old one is fried. I realized while working on my Lord of the Rings mix (the process of making a mix is not too dissimilar from editing footage) that if I could edit on my own time, I could have been finished with five or six different cuts of The Early Mixes by now.

      3. The search for an appropriate cat continues; I've been to a few shelters and adoption centers² but nothing has really clicked thus far. I learned an important lesson from my parents' dog after Indiana; Willie is a pet too, but he's more of a house guest. He never really became a member of the family the way Indiana did. I get along with most cats (although I have a particular affinity for street rescues, as all of the cats I grew up with were) This cat and I will have to be dealing with each other for a good long time, hopefully, so it is imperative to me that we are compatible.

      4. Okay, the holidays are over, so the food situation is going to have to be taken back down to a duller roar. However, my entire approach to food was completely different than it was in the past, and now that I can (and rather enjoy) cooking my own, I was interested in different things this year than previously. One of my best holiday gifts was a rather interesting Italian cookbook.

      5. There is something else I'm trying to get off of the ground. I am at present loathe to say much more, as these things often evaporate like sweat in Arizona, but if item 2 is dealt soon, it will be a greater possibility.

    10. PARENTS
      I get along just fine with my mom and stepdad. I still don't see my father much, which seems to be a mutual apathy. I did see a bit too much of my family on Christmas because of the blizzard; y'all know how that goes, cabin fever is a bitch, even when the relationships are mostly smooth.

      Mostly the same people who were there last year, although I have to say that some of my friendships deepened this year while others loosened somewhat. Some of the latter may have been partially my fault, as I have been going through many changes and my perspectives on a lot of things have shifted significantly.

    12. MISC:
      While by no means a tabula rasa, this is the first year that I can face without a lot of the baggage, both physical and mental, that I formerly carried into years past. I started making positive changes in one area of my life, and it spread to touch almost every other facet.
¹ — They were out of rock salt, and this is a more effective alternative to using table salt.

² — Adoption centers are weird because the cats have been sort of pre-socialized, and (being cats) they can be pretty manipulative if they know the rules, doling out copious affection until they get out of their cage.
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