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Dreams and Omens. Oh, and cats too.

  • Varinia comes home with me tomorrow.

    This week has been very strange. I had mentioned in a previous entry how overwhelming for me it was to know that I would, after ten years of desperately wanting one, finally getting a cat. It doesn't hurt that I fell head over heels with the cat that I'm getting. This all sounds really sweet and everything, but it can be a bit difficult to get my mind back on the task at hand while working or commuting when my mind wanders on to the subject of Varinia. I just have to get used to this idea, and it is difficult to do so when I don't have the cat yet.

    This changes tomorrow afternoon. The apartment is as prepared for her as it can be at present. Her litter box is ready (I swished my hand through the sand for the first and last time ever), she has scratching posts (she likes to claw standing up, so posts rather than pads), I've made a perch in a high point of the living room for her, and the windows were already ideally suited for a cat to sit upon and watch the outside world go about its silly business.

    These pictures were taken yesterday when I went to visit her at the vet's office. I had several reasons for doing this; one of the main ones, of course, was to make sure that she was feeling well after her surgery (she seems to be adapting to it just fine, although she discovered that is a bit too ginger to be doing long jumps). But I also wanted her to get to know me so that when she is brought to my apartment there is something there that is familiar to her.

    Some cats are very friendly when starting their estrus cycle but become quite shy otherwise; this was not the case with Varinia. She is a little more active than she was before the operation but no less affectionate. I played with her for over an hour, and she didn't get bored with me at all. In fact, she seemed very disappointed when it was time for me to leave.

    But the best part of the day came at one point when I was sitting on the floor. She was walking around a little and she began to tentatively test out my shoes, then my knees. Eventually she just sat contentedly on my lap, and I knew that this was definitely my cat.

    All this and I haven't even fed her yet.

Aside from that, t'was a very nice weekend on many different levels.

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