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Cyclic Redundancy Check (nothing you haven't read before)

  • I've been going to the dentist these past few weeks. He doesn't look like this:

    "Is it safe?"

    Actually, like many things in life, the apprehension was worse than the actual events. No, I'm not eager to repeat these experiences, but they're not really all that bad. It turns out that while my teeth are strong and my gums are healthy, I have a mutant power to accumulate tartar faster than a normal human being, which means that I will be getting four cleanings a year instead of the traditional two. Thankfully my insurance will cover all the routine cleanings.

  • I'm making quite an impression over at the vet's office what with all the visits I'm making to Varinia. My "official" reason for going is so that when she comes home tomorrow to an unfamiliar environment, at least I'll be familiar to her and I'm sure that purpose will be filled as well. But I just really want to spend some time with my cat, and waiting last week was sheer hell.¹

    She seems to feel the same way about me. Every time I'm getting ready to leave, she mews at me or reaches through the bars for me. It takes me at least twenty minutes to get out of there.

    And tomorrow, she comes home.²

  • All of the research I've done into cats over the past week has led me to mention the vital importance of spaying and neutering your pets. Seriously, unless you're going to breed them (which is cool), it's better for them and better for you. I know of at least one person who got a Himalayan as a kitten and thought he would breed him, but changed his mind when his apartment turned into a urine cloud.

  • There has been more tweaking on the Lord of the Rings compilation, some minor, some not so much. I have some ideas on how to make this entry somewhat different; it will take a very long time to compile (nowhere near as long as the mix, which I have now realized I've been working on for three months), but like the album itself, it should be a level above my usual output.
¹ — I'm glad about how it came about, though. They had her spayed on Tuesday, and are giving her the medications before she comes home with me. The formative moments of our relationship will not be marred by such an unpleasant activity.

² — The one issue I have with this situation is that I wasn't quite able to get everything I had meant to. Specifically, a tiny, easily concealed water pistol. I searched everywhere for one, but they're seasonal items and so there apparently none in the city of New York.
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