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Varinia came home with me yesterday afternoon!

Varinia in her new favorite spot: the foot of my bed!

  • The meetings with her to allow her to get comfortable with me did end up paying off. Yes, she is a bit shy in my apartment, but not about me; in fact, there are many times when it seems she's talking to let me know that she's moving. She's a lot more talkative than she was at the vet's and energetic as well. She still has a quite a bit of kitten left in her. She is very, very affectionate!

  • She didn't eat much last night, but she had quite a lot this morning. I found she didn't much like the kitchen when she first got here (she has since found the kitchen window to have a most entertaining vista), so I moved the bowls to a spot in the living room. I think I'm going to just leave them; they're not anywhere underfoot and she seems to like them there.

  • Although I made sure that she knew where it was, she didn't use the litter box at all yesterday. This was beginning to make me nervous (cats that are upset may take to avoiding the litter box), but she used it this morning. This is quite a relief… for both of us, really.

  • You can actually see from the picture above that the scar from the operation is healing up quite nicely. It looks like a fading scratch right now, and once her belly fur grows back, you'd never know.

  • I didn't get much sleep last night. After checking the house out and settling behind my couch for much of the evening, she eventually retired under my bed. I went to bed, and a few hours later she jumped up onto the bed to check out what was going on and say "hi" (that's when she found the spot she likes so much as depicted in the photograph). I indulged her quite a bit because she was still adjusting, and I think it was the right thing to do because she's much more confident about her environment this morning, poking around the apartment and expanding her "comfort zone" from the bedroom into the living room. I took the precaution of taking the day off from work so that I can help her acclimate for another day.

    Tonight, however, I'm sleeping.
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