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Notes on the Co-Habitating Domestic Shorthair

It has only been a month since I brought Varinia home. So much has happened since then that it feels like much, much more time has passed.

I brought her in Sunday so the vet could follow up on her spaying and just check her general state of health. This trip dispelled my theory that she would be more comfortable going to the vet's office because she lived there; she did not like the trip, and was exceedingly thankful to be home.

At the vet's office, they called her "Momma" because she was brought in with her two kittens. In my first few meetings with her I was struck by how sweet and laid back she was, but when I got her home I found that while she is indeed affectionate and calm, she was also rather talkative and had quite a playful streak (she dislodged a dust bunny from under my chair and sent it afloat, then caught it in midair). One thing I don't have to worry about is keeping this cat exercised; she loves her array of hunting toys, not to mention a few doodads that she found herself (which I've checked to make sure were safe for her to play with) and she likes the teasing toys (though not the laser pointer, which she found more unsettling than fun) which is nice because I can play them with her.

I've seen her every day so I was only vaguely aware of the gradual physical changes she has gone to whilst under my care other than one, which the staff at the vet's office spent quite a bit of time marveling at; her fur has gotten exceedingly soft, it's all silky and shiny. She's practically luxurious and is a tactile pleasure to pet.

She does not like having her claws clipped, but she doesn't seem to hold me doing it to her against me. I think her primary objection might just that she doesn't like to be picked up and/or carried, but she'll tolerate it (to a point).

The other day I left my living room closet slightly open and she attempted to scale the stacked plastic bins that were in there. I heard her doing something, and when I went to look, she was halfway up. I had a split-second choice on how to deal with the inevitable fall: either run for the video camera or catch her. I ended up catching her as she doesn't really do that whole landing on her feet thing all that well.

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