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The Early Mixes was screened twice on Friday night at the eGarage in Long Island City. Between the two showings, about seventy some-odd people saw the film. People laughed at the right parts and the applause at the end was something more than the polite clapping of people who were there because they had to be. The response was very positive, even taking into account that this audience would be predisposed to it (I've already made a film that people saw and didn't like; I can tell).

I had posted about the event when it was coming up. I also made a post about my anxieties that I have now made public now that the event itself has concluded, although I had already been aware that the net reaction to the scored version of the film was very different from that in its unscored state; people now respond more to the humor and energy than before.

The experience of the event itself was very weird, not so much because of the screening but because I was seeing faces from such different areas of my life in the same room together. There were some very strange juxtapositions there.

Left to right: Brian Alleva ('Sven Williams,' production assistance), Sandy Kovacs (cinematographer, co-editor, 'Untouchable Guitarist'),
Razvan Oncioiu ('Bar Manager'), Michael Darnell ('Dave'), Rachel Lefkowitz (production assistance, stills photographer),
Daniel Alleva (co-writer, producer, music supervisor, 'Uncle Billy "Whatthefuck"'), Joshua Gizelt (director, co-writer, sound), Kelly O'Connor ('Nicole').

There is another screening on the horizon; a more music-oriented event that will have live music from some of the bands who appear on the soundtrack of the film. This will be an interesting show as it will be the first showing of it to a completely unfamiliar audience. That show, which will bring down many people interested primarily in the bands, will represent the true target audience for the film. That will be a very interesting night too.

Tags: film music, filmmaking, jazz, the early mixes

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