Joshua Gizelt (swashbuckler332) wrote,
Joshua Gizelt

Hooked On Telephonics

I bought an iPhone yesterday.

I had been intending for some time to get a new personal phone. I have yet to get into any trouble with my employer for personal use of a business tool, and would like to keep it that way. I also found the BlackBerry pretty lackluster for following links posted on Facebook and Twitter, and forget about YouTube on that thing.

The choice of iPhone over the operationally similar Droid was a practical one: I wanted to make some space on my iPod for more film music, and the iPhone gives me an opportunity to put other genres of music on a separate device that can not only be loaded with my existing software, it is also compatible with everything that I already have for my iPod (including my car stereo, my home theater and my portable boom box, all of which have docks on them).

I have only just started; my primary goal for my first day was only to get all of my social networking and whatnot off of my work phone and on to this one, which has thus far been an easier prospect for the iPhone than the BlackBerry. Yes, the process of removing optional programs threw the BlackBerry into a state of confusion.

Right now that phone is being used solely for work purposes and the BlackBerry Instant Messenger (my use of which is primarily work-oriented anyway). The iPhone, on the other hand, has been loaded with personal apps (including the one I'm using right now to compose this entry), a lot of rock, jazz and reggae, and even a few games (Scrabble, of course, I'm also going to look into this "Words With Friends" game that looks very similar I keep hearing about whenever Alec Baldwin gets into trouble).

I've named the iPhone Vital Information Centralized (if you get the reference, I'll give you a virtual dollar). I'm loving it.

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