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Collisions and Collusions

This has been a seriously fucked up month.

I've been okay, for the most part, but there are a lot of things going on within my family and at work that have been seriously trying. A lot of things have been changing around me, and they're taking some adjustment.

On a lighter note, my burner and printer are back on line, so at long last I can start producing discs of the mixes I've been working on, which included a new variation on A Busy Man, my Jerry Goldsmith Star Trek compilation and, of course, my oft-mentioned, rarely heard Lord of the Rings two-disc set (it's almost done, for real this time; that's partly the reason for me getting my ass in gear with all of my gear). There is also another mix coming down the pike, one that is pretty much almost completely finished (it just needs a few sound tweaks here and there)and which surprised me with how much fun it was to put together because it's not really the sort of thing I usually like (it should be pretty easy to figure out the subject). However, the first album to be produced in full again is my July revision of Flight

Unfortunately, while I have all of the mixes intact and component files, there is just no way I can recover the work that I had done in Pagemaker. I am going to have to recreate almost all of my album artwork (not the CDs themselves, just the jackets). I do, however, have all of the original artwork that went into them, so it's basically a matter of reconstructing what I'd done before (and the fact that all of the mixes are documented on this journal will make it much easier).

One more thing before I shuffle off to bed.

La-La Land Records proved to me this Friday that some dreams aren't as impossible as I once thought.

Tags: family, hans zimmer, howard shore, james newton howard, lord of the rings, mix workshop, sandy courage, science fiction, star trek, work

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