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“Fell deeds awake… Now for Wrath… Now for Ruin… and the Red Dawn!”

Okay, this is seriously frustrating.

I have been working on finishing up my Lord of the Rings compilation. I want to have it completed once and for all by the time that the first Hobbit movie will come out. I am almost finished, there are only a few minor bits here and there to finalize on the sound side of things, and I wanted to complete the relevant LJ entries that would accompany the completion.

The notes were very complicated; they were in that way a counterpart to the mixes themselves. In addition to listing what the source material was for each track, I also had noted which choral texts went where and had links to where one could read those texts. Each track's entry also had a relevant quote either from the film or the book. The main body of each track's entry then had a description of the music, its construction, and how it fits into the overall arcs of this particular album.

I found, however, that the Semagic drafts I had saved had disappeared. I can't find them on that hard drive at all. I am a little confused, as I can imagine losing one of those files, but both of them sounds a little strange. I searched the entire drive looking for anything with the SLJ extension, but I can't find the notes for these. Actually, I couldn't find the notes for anything older than a few months ago.

Yes, I know: "First World problem." Nevertheless, I am very disappointed in this. I worked really hard on these, and to see these notes just evaporate into the ether really takes the wind out of my sails. I have no idea why this has happened, nothing else on the drive is missing. I don't see how I could have accidentally erased them, but I do wonder if there is another file extension I should perform my search for.
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