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The Third Thing.

Well, here it is.

My friend Stacy got into a horrible car accident a few weeks ago. Waystone's house got burned down... these things happen in threes, and here is the third thing.

Tonight, on the way home from a party with some of Suit's Rocky friends, I myself crashed into a rotary. There is no visibility at the there, and Suit didn't have time to warn me. This is a very popular crash site, I found.

Suit insisted that he didn't need to be taken to the hospital, although I really wanted to make sure that he was okay. He refused to go on the ambulance, and they can't take him without his consent. I myself was unharmed.

My car would not start, so I needed to get it towed, but the damage apparently isn't that serious, just the radiator. I am going to have to talk to the people at the service station tomorrow and then call up my mother and tell her what happened. I don't know how I will be handling this, but one thing is certain:

This sucks ass.

You know, the really fucked up thing about this was that there was no substance abuse at all. None. All that booze I bought earlier today was in the trunk, unopened. This was just a case of no warning and no visibility and strange rotary (what the hell is a rotary?), and no way really to avoid what happened. The inevitability of it is what bothers me. If I had been drinking or whatever, I would have had an excuse. Everyone there - police, EMS, firemen and the tow truck guy - all commented that that particular area is a huge accident spot.

Kato is comforting me, however. That makes up for a lot.
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