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Home Again

While I certainly appreciated Suit's hospitality over the past week, being home is a big relief. He mentioned in his own journal how it is nice to have his space back, and I'm sure Kato is happy as well. Kato loves his Uncle Josh, but in moderation.

The Zen Room, unfortunately, is history. I turned in the plates to the DMV, cancelled my insurance and Express Mailed the title to the station. So that's it. She isn't even mine anymore.

When I walked out of my apartment this morning to get a move on with all of this, my eyes automatically went to where I usually park. Seeing that she wasn't there really drove the loss home.

I put in my application to Barnes & Noble. I don't know what they'll think of it, but hopefully that'll work.

It is still up in the air as to whether I will still be able to make it to see aerolyndt later this month. On one hand, life goes on and all that. On the other, the journey may be expensive. I'm miserable now, but the trip might raise my spirits. We'll see.

One nice thing about having come home was that most of the magazines I'm subscribed to were waiting for me when I got there. So I got that goin' for me.

From The Daily Mislead comes yet more proof of how our current administration sees it as easier to stir up shit and color events than actually do their jobs:


In the months after the tragic attacks of 9/11, President Bush told the American people that he had "no ambition whatsoever to use [the War on Terror] as a political issue."1. But according to a new report, the Bush Administration is now demanding that international allies coordinate the arrest of al Qaeda terrorists to coincide with key U.S. political events, so as to maximize political benefits for the President.

According to the New Republic, top Pakistani intelligence officials have confirmed that the Bush Administration is demanding the Pakistani government find as many "high value" terrorist targets specifically before Americans go to the polls in November. By contrast, no similar urgent push or "timetable" was discussed in 2002 or 2003. Even more troubling, Pakistani sources admit White House aides told the Pakistani Director of Intelligence that "it would
be best if the arrest or killing of [any high value terrorist target] were announced on twenty-six, twenty-seven, or twenty-eight July" - the first three days of the Democratic National Convention in Boston.2.

The report calls into question whether key military decisions were affected by similar political motivations during the last three years. For instance, during 2002 and 2003 when al Qaeda was regrouping along the Afghanistan-Pakistan border, the Bush administration refused calls to
seriously increase operations there. Only in March of 2004 - once the Presidential election campaign had begun -- did the President finally announce "stepped up efforts" in Afghanistan to find bin Laden.3.</sup>


1. "Republicans, Democrats seek political returns on 9/11, terror war,", 4/01/04

2. "Pakistan for Bush. July Surprise?,"
New Republic, 7/07/2004

"U.S. military announces new operation in Afghanistan,"
USA Today, 3/13/04

My spirits were somewhat raised by a post by Howard Liverance on the message board in response to some of my comments in an interesting thread:
Many moons ago in another galaxy far, far away I accused Swashbuckler of a talent for pushing just the precise buttons to kick my everloving film music appreciation into gear... which often times resulted in overblown long-winded but deliciously posted treatises that, quite honestly, made me come to know why I loved really good film music and certain composers especially. And now looky here, the tide she has turned. But still...3 years old when Star Wars hit the screen? and sometime at the end of this month is my 30th h.s. reunion??

Say it ain't so.
To both.

Howard is a really nice guy. We often participate in the same topics. I never realized that my youth would be so shocking to him!
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