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I will not be beaten into submission by the fickle fates!

Well, first order of business... there is no point in trying to cancel my flight to California to see aerolyndt. In fact, I feel that I owe it to myself to do this, damn it!

Furthermore, although I no longer have The Zen Room, I still have my feet (I had a horrible pain in one toe that turned out to be an easily extractable splinter), and so yesterday I loaded the new Ecology CD into my player and took a walk to the bank. It was a beautiful day yesterday, and I had a great time ruminating over the new material.

Furthermore, I watched three movies I hadn't seen before, which put me in mind of those heady days at the beginning of 2002 when I had no money, no job, nothing but my video rental card. Of course, I had the presence of mind to pay my rent off for the rest of the year, so that is one thing I need not stress over.

These movies, in brief:

One Hour Photo - Robin Williams' performance in this is outstanding, as is the design work. Unfortunately, there is an air of inevitability about the whole proceeding that takes a bit away from its freshness.

Porn Star: The Legend of Ron Jeremy - An entertaining documentary, but unfortunately it shies away from getting into any sort of nitty-gritty. A lot of this may be because of the participation of Jeremy... anyway, the fact that he went to both Benjamin N. Cardozo High School and Queens College is amusing. Aerolynt may remember that the yearbook with his picture in it kept getting stolen from the publications office. He glances through it in the documentary.

The House of Sand and Fog - The performances in this film are brilliant. Unfortunately, I have found it very difficult to sympathize with Jennifer Connelly's character as she finds herself in the situation due to her own stupidity. Ben Kingsley is wonderful, and he evokes sympathy with almost every move he makes. He portrays a man trying his best to do what he can for his family despite the fact that everything is set against him. The tragedy is his, and I feel that is very unfair (but perhaps realistic).

* * *

This is pretty funny.

Okay, this bull about postponing the the elections on the grounds of national security tells me that perhaps the October Surprise isn't ready yet. Perhaps Osama bin Laden died, and they need to hire and train an actor to play him.
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