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NPR's Jerry Goldsmith Tribute

NPR compiled a decent piece on All Things Considered that can be heard here (it's halfway down the page).

Although Goldsmith only won the Oscar in 1976 for The Omen, he has been nominated often for many other scores:
1998 - Mulan
1997 - L.A. Confidential
1992 - Basic Instinct
1986 - Hoosiers
1983 - Under Fire
1982 - Poltergeist
1979 - Star Trek: The Motion Picture
1978 - The Boys from Brazil
1975 - The Wind and the Lion
1974 - Chinatown
1973 - Papillon
1970 - Patton
1968 - Planet of the Apes
1966 - The Sand Pebbles
1965 - A Patch of Blue
1962 - Freud

He also had quite a few Golden Globe nominations:
1998 - Mulan
1997 - L.A. Confidential
1992 - Basic Instinct
1979 - Alien
1979 - Star Trek: The Motion Picture
1974 - Chinatown

Many of these scores were as good as, if not better than, what actually won the awards for that year. For example, because of the politics of the Academy, Basic Instinct lost out to Alan Menken's inferior Aladdin in 1992. Similarly, in 1979, Star Trek lost to Georges Delerue's decent but unremarkable A Little Romance (most of which was arrangements of Baroque pieces), and in 1997, the requirement for a Titanic sweep awarded James Horner with an undeserved statuette for his overly derivative piece of shit over Goldsmith's far superior L.A. Confidential.

Many have waited for more official recognition, but it tended to come from such organizations as the Society for the Preservation of Film Music and the American Society of Composers and Performers rather than the Academy.

So, as it stands, Jerry Goldsmith, an industry veteran with hundreds of scores under his belt, one of the most talented and versatile composers in history, has exactly one Academy Award to his name.
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