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I am not ignoring the people back at home!!!

I get crappy reception when I'm at aerolyndt's house, forcing me to go to specific corners of the deck where it is most uncomfortable to speak, and there is no guarantee that the conversation won't cut off anyway. The only time I do get good reception is in when we are down at sea level, and then we are usually doing something.

As a result, while I try my best to check my messages (itself a feat requiring more patience than I usually have), I am not in a position where it is easy to talk on the phone. I'm on AIM at least once a day, though, so I'm not incommunicado.

Don't take it personally (suitboyskin, I'm talking to you)!

* * *

Film Score Monthly's tribute to Jerry Goldsmith. To date, the best tribute yet.

1998 Interview.
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