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If you're seeing this, they've just beaten you up.

Lester Swing would like to invite any and ALL to tonight's show at
Kenny's Castaways in NYC. Showtime is at 10:30pm. The venue is
located on Bleecker Street (between Thompson and Sullivan).

Thinking about coming....?....but don't want to drive?

****Come hang out with us!!!!****

Lester Swing will be hopping on the 'ol LIRR at the Farmingdale
station. Departure is at 8:11pm. All stops are on the Ronkonkoma
line. B.Y.O.B. & B.Y.O.W. Let's make a party out this!!!!!!!!!

Peace, love and all that falls between.....

The Adventures of the
on the West Coast

Part V

Moun of Tunis

Last night, Mark and aerolyndt broadened my palette by introducing me to Tunisian food. I had never had any before, and the entire experience was very different, and most enjoyable. One sits on very comfortable pillowed couches around a circular table, and one washes one's hands in rosewater at the beginning of the meal, and then proceeds to eat all of the dishes with their hands (excepts the couscous, which had spoons in it).

I would hope you would know what this was already.

I am tempted to call this sort of a Tunisian calzone... it is a pastry filled with cheeses, egg and spices, upon which a spicy sauce is ladled.

Roasted vegetables, carrots with rosewater, cucumbers in a vinegary sauce, carrots with vinegar, garlic and onion. The two carrot dishes were my favorites.

Okay, here's where things started to get a little weird. There's no reason this should have worked, but it did. This looks like a cake, and it's covered with sugar and cinnamon, but the philo-dough filled with ground chicken. This was outstanding, but it is something that initially gives one pause... these flavors are not usually combined in most of the cuisine I've had.

Lemon Chicken and Lamb with Artichokes with Meatballs
They allowed us to split our main course so we could try each one. Both are quite delicious, bathed in sauces very unlike what you might find around here. The chicken had some very bitter olives with it, which I loved.

Couscous with Vegetables
Again, I would hope that you already know what this stuff is.

Mint Tea and Cake with Fruit in Rosewater

This was all washed down with Kir Royale, which is sort of to champagne what mead is to wine. I don't really like champagne so much, but this stuff was quite delicious. One of the main elements of this meal was the flavor of rosewater, a fragrant flavor. The way it combined with the fruit (particularly the strawberries) at the end of the meal was really something.

Even more delicious than the meal was the entertainment, provided by a very agile belly-dancer, with great control. Her muscle isolation and co-ordination to the music was spot-on.

I am always eager to try something new, and now I have something to add to my list of foods I like. I have to find a Tunisian place closer to home.

E X P L A I N E D ! ! !

Another table at the restaurant told us this, probably apocryphal...

Stamford Linear Accelerator Complex was using ferrets to clean out the long tubes that the particle beams travel down. Because ferrets have been known to leave... well... ferret shit, behind... the shit was caught up in the workings of SLAC, so the teraelectron volts had ferret shit... oh, it's too complicated.

Eventually they put diapers on the ferrets.

They also had to keep hippogriffs away from SLAC.

Kerry's Acceptance

Following an interminally soupy presentation and a rah-rah introduction, John Kerry accepted the nomination last night as Democratic nominee. His speech was filled with veiled attacks upon the current administration and its policies, but keeping in the Democratic National Convention's policy this year of avoiding frontal attacks on the persons in the current administration, he avoided naming names.

What it really shows is how ludicrously skewed the press in this country has become. Kerry (or anyone questioning Bush's policies) can not say anything direct without having it twisted around. Witness this from piece The Daily Mislead:


In their desperate efforts to paint Senator John Kerry (D-MA) as a serial
flip-flopper, President Bush's reelection campaign has resorted to gross
distortions of his public statements. The campaign is now trumpeting the
fact that Kerry, after voting to authorize the use of force in Iraq,
described himself "as an anti-war candidate."[1] The claim is based on a
clip of Kerry's 1/6/04 appearance on Hardball with Chris Matthews [on MSNBC], which is
featured in a new 12 minute "documentary" on Kerry produced by the
Republican National Committee. This is how the RNC presents the

MATTHEWS: "Are you one of the anti-war candidates?"

KERRY: "I am - Yeah."

The real transcript of the interview reveals that the clip was doctored.
Kerry was not trying to shift his position but actually reiterating his
belief that President Bush made a mistake in the way he went to war. Here is
the actual transcript:[3]

MATTHEWS: Do you think you belong to that category of candidates who more or
less are unhappy with this war, the way it's been fought...Are you one of
the anti-war candidates?

KERRY: I am -- Yes, in the sense that I don't believe the president took us
to war as he should have, yes, absolutely.


1. "Extreme Makeover Day 4 Fact Sheet: Setting the Record Straight",, 7/29/04.

2. "RNC Ad Backgrounder",, 7/28/04.

3. Hardball, Nexis-Lexis Transcript, 1/6/04

This is a tendency that is bad enough to begin with, but it isn't just the RNC. Fox and various other so-called "news" sources do this sort of thing all of the time, and the fact of the matter is that most Americans have a pretty distorted view of what this election is all about.

Okay, I am behind Kerry because I think that he might have a chance at beating Bush, and the economy invariably improves for the middle class under a Democrat president. He talks a good line, but like most politicians, when he gets into office we will see what is really going on. I can think of very little that is worse that Bush, especially the friendly face that he's put upon the horrific incursions onto personal liberties and the rolling back of social progress.

Nevertheless, when Kerry has a point, and he has many, about how this administration has been fucking up the country, he aware that he is unable to explicate it directly because of how much of a stranglehold on the news sources the Right has. Simple, easy comments can be made to sound sinister or, as in the case above, to mean almost the opposite of what he meant.

This is outrageous. Kerry is relying upon other people to put forth his platform. His daughter mentioned a woman's right to choose, not him, because if those words come out of his mouth, they will be sound byted and spread all over Fox or whatever in order to make it sound like he's advocating the destruction of every first born Protestant child or something.

waystone introduced me to this site, which is a most useful tool. I think that it, along with Google, will be one of my main resources when composing these journals...
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