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Home again and readjusting

I am home now, and figuring out what time it is (never an easy thing for me to do even when I haven't spent two weeks in a different time zone).

I will be posting the last entry in The Adventures of the Swashbuckler on the West Coast shortly, but at the moment I do not have the time to compose it properly.

My return was greeted by the Prometheus expanded CD of Cherry 2000, a nice Basil Poledouris score for a really stupid movie. It includes a 19 second cue that was one of my favorites, a variation on Lester's theme that is hilarious in the film (only if you're paying attention to the music, though, so don't bother re-watching the movie looking for hidden brilliance, it isn't there), and I have a bunch of films to watch, so I'll have plenty to talk about soon enough.

For some reason, a whole bunch of LJ notifications from early last month showed up in my inbox yesterday. Weird.
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