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Last night I was over at my friend Ryan's house, and I had brought my DVD of "The Two Towers" over to wow him and his wife with the amazing 5.1 track. They were suitably impressed, and as usual I found myself being stirred by the film's portrayal of people at their best when the situation is at its bleakest. In particular, the exchange pointed out by Richard Corliss in his "Time" magazine review of the film, "What can men do against such reckless hate," "Ride out with me."

I wrote a really long and involved thing about heroism last night, in which I discussed how the issues of heroism raised in "The Two Towers" related to the element within oneself that aspires to greatness. It was an intricate writing, one that brought up several icons of heroism in cinema in recent years, such as Rick Blaine, Atticus Finch, Arthur Chambers, Aragorn and even Harry Potter... and related it to the true heroics of, say, Rosa Parks.

Excuse me, but my browser ate my homework!

Yup, the browser crashed JUST AS I WAS POSTING THE UPDATE!

What's really annoying about that is that I'm using my mother's Mac, which isn't supposed to do anything like that. Serves me right for defending it to my PC chauvinist stepfather last night.

In a few minutes I will be taking a shower, picking up Ryan and heading into Brooklyn to help my friend D.J. Mad Mike Cousins move. Mad Mike doesn't know that Ryan is coming, and Ryan's usefulness is questionable (it was kind of funny to see him do anything to avoid actually moving stuff for the move of another of our friends. Dan) but it should be a pretty entertaining day.

Not having a computer is annoying owing as to the inability I have to make new mix CDs, especially considering that I achieved a very good 80 minute song mix a few weeks ago that I've been quite happy with. It was made for my friend Brad, who yesterday sent me an e-mail telling me that it was one of my best. He has been the recipient of more of my mixes than anyone else, and his opinion counts for a lot.
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