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1922 - 2004

I have just found out that composer Elmer Bernstein has died. He was a composer of rare talent who has a very specific style, but was able nevertheless to move from genre to genre.

I had composed an obituary which was then swallowed up by the computer. I will rewrite it and repost it later.

I will also be working on another mix disc set.

You know, I hadn't really recovered from the loss of Jerry Goldsmith, and now this. 2004 is turning into a real bad year for film music. David Raksin had died recently as well.

The thing of it is, Goldsmith and Bernstein were still working (Bernstein's last Oscar nomination was only last year, for his sublime Far From Heaven... in my opinion the best score of that year after The Two Towers, which wasn't nominated). In a sense, that last connection to the Silver Age has now passed.
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