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Eating asparagus makes your urine smell like asparagus.

I am incredibly full after a jolly barbecue over at Ryan's... Rob came with some pork ribs, mushrooms and asparagus... yum.

I had asparagus yesterday as well, a can of cream of asparagus soup, for which I boiled up some brown rice. Simple, but it tastes really good if you're into asparagus, which I am. I put a little garlic into the rice and chives into the soup, and when I put them all together, I had a hearty repast that wasn't all that terrible for me.

It's cool that rice is so cheap, because it is very versatile.

* * *

Interestingly enough, I did a Rocky Horror purity test because of waystone's journal (which, while it wasn't in any of the Omen movies must be a sign of the impending apocalypse!)... and I am apparently 88.3% Rocky pure (11.7% Rocky corrupt), and my Weirdness Factor (AKA Uniqueness Factor) is 23%, based on a comparison of my test results with 55619 other submissions for this test. The average purity for this test is 80.5%.


I couldn't take the other test she wrote about because it didn't apply to me, but I did take the Hitchiker's Guide to the Galaxy purity test, and I am 20% pure, that is 80% HHGTG corrupt. I also took the Fight Club test and am 38.1% fight pure (61.9% fight corrupt). I then took the Socially Retarded purity test and found that I am 55.0% socially retarded pure (45.0% socially retarded corrupt). Bouyed by these recent successes, I then took Niceness purity test... 65.0% nice pure (35.0% nice corrupt); that is, you are 65.0% pure in the niceness domain. According to the scoring guide, my niceness experience level is warm... I am nicer than most. This is a very good score. I probably lead a happy life, or whatever. Congrats.

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