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A strange, but oddly fitting enterprise.

In honor of the passing of Jerry Goldsmith and Elmer Bernstein, two of my all-time favorite composers, I have (with a little help from my mother) fashioned two T-shirts for them.

I felt that it was kind of daft to have all these shirts depicting classic rock bands I like, but none of these film composers whose work shaped much of my taste in music in the first place. I therefore put together two shirts, each of which has a portrait of the composer in question and the dates (Goldsmith, 1929 - 2004, Bernstein 1922 - 2004). I think that the results are actually quite tasteful, and have started work on one for Bernard Herrmann (1911-1975)...

I'm thinking that shirts for the still living Howard Shore and John Williams might be next...

Tim, Raz and I are probably going to see Hero tonight, but nothing is set in stone.
Tags: film music, memorial
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