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Ah, never mind....

A few days ago, I came across the Sony release announcement for their versions of the Star Wars soundtracks, which they had remastered and will re-release day and date with the DVDs. Apparently, though the discs will be DSD remastered, they are not, in fact, in multi-channel and are just regular CDs.

Although the new discs may well sound better than the RCA Victor releases, if they're not SACDs (even if they were only stereo SACDs), then I can wait.

God damn bastards get my mouth all ready for orange juice...

On the other hand...

I have just found out that one of my sources actually has two of Christophe Beck's promo CDs for Buffy for the second and third seasons. He also has a Robert J. Kral promo that has some Angel stuff on it. Given the high quality of the scores for these series (okay, they both do that annoying commercial break stinger thing, but they're television), especially the development of thematic material (I really liked the theme that is developed for Giles and Jenny Calender) and great moments (the final battle in season 3 finale of Buffy is scored like an epic), these are actually looking rather attractive.

Of course, I don't have any money at the moment, but he's not going anywhere (thank goodness... he was actually quite sick about two years ago). So that yen I've had since Tim had me watch the series for the music will be satisfied, at least in part.
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