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One Year

One year ago yesterday I had what was to date my last cigarette. So, while the fireworks explode about me today, extolling a national pride I have difficulty subscribing to with our government behaving the way it is, I am celebrating my own independence day... today marks the anniversary of my independence from the clutches of R.J. Reynolds and all.

Having quit seems to be having some strange side effects; I have noticed that I have turned very much into one of the anti-smoking Nazis that I so despised when I was a smoker. I no longer permit smoking in my car, and, I have to admit, I like the effect the smoking ban has on a night out... not the inconvenience for the smokers, mind you, just the clearer air.

I have recently found myself in an uncomfortable situation that I was expecting, but the full reality of it caught me off-guard. Such things are sometimes more difficult to deal with than would initially appear. I am weathering it as best as I know how, but despite my intellectual and emotional settlement, there is a little part of my mind that frets over it. Hopefully it will disappear in time. It is not torturing me, but it is leaving me somewhat... empty for the moment. In a sense, however, I do have to appreciate that there is a certain amount of poetic justice to the whole thing.

On the news, there is a little piece on how none of the people on the street could define the Constitution on this July 4th. It seems everybody is forgetting that document, from the general public to those who have sworn to upold it.

On the brighter side of life, again, I will have my Monty Python mp3 CD complete very soon. Although this sounds like a minor achievement, it is actually quite a bit of work. The box set with the CDs that I own do not have tracks, but rather each track is an album side. Why this was done, I can not fathom (the individual CDs that are available have tracks), but rather than have to scan through a track that may be up to a half hour long, I have decided to burn CD copies of the box set discs, with track marks and CD text, so that ripping those to mp3 will be easy as pie. Furthermore, for home use, I will have CDs that are much more easily navigable.

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